"I had my driveway paved by Holland Construction of Airway Heights, WA. They completed the grading and prep work in one day and the paving in one day. I’m quite pleased with the results. These guys know what they are doing with asphalt."

Mr. John Fry
Spokane Valley, WA

"I had Holland Construction do some asphalt paving at my house. They came back and sealed it. They did a very professional job and were very careful of my flowers and grass. Very impressed! My driveway is about 10 years old. It still has not developed any cracks and looks as good today as it did on day one."

Mr. Ron Ehman

"My driveway, sidewalks and porch were crumbling, cracking and becoming uneven. It would have cost me a fortune to tear them out and replace. Holland Construction came in and made it look fantastic at less than half the price."

J. Williams
Spokane, WA

"I have had Holland Construction complete some pavement patching projects. They are timely and provide a professional service. I would have Holland Construction repair pavement anytime."

JRS Construction

"We have a large asphalt parking lot by our business. The area had a lot of cracks and some potholes. Holland Construction cleaned off the lot, filled the cracks with hot rubberized crack filler, patched the pot holes and then sealed coated the area. They also striped the lot. Excellent job!"

Mr. Clarence Stern

"I have a large concrete area around my shop. It was cracked, broken up and heaved. I contacted several companies to come out and give me an estimate. Most of them wanted to tear the concrete out and pour new concrete. It was very expensive! Holland Construction came in, prepared the concrete area and overlaid it at less than half the price than other companies wanted for new concrete. The way Holland Construction did the job, it looks great. It has no seams or expansion joints. It is not slick and I can put ice melt on it without damaging it. It is the only way to go! They have an A+ rating with the BBB so I knew I could trust them."

Mr. Jerry Lyman